It's her first fragrance ad for the label. Like it?

I am partial to Balenciaga. I love it. Have for years. My old sunglasses are Balenciaga, I wore Balenciaga, dress and shoes, to SMUT in Toronto last week, I'm wearing another to Duana's wedding, and I will hunt down a Balenciaga sale like Scientology and millionaires. So it's not like I'm not into Kristen Stewart as the face of Florabotanica, which I hope smells better than the Charlotte Gainsbourgh one because not even I can get behind that scent.

It's not the aesthetic that's bothering me. The aesthetic works for the vision, and it sets it apart from the brand's other fragrance. But why did it have to be this dress? That collection from 2007 was certainly memorable - click here to see - but it was 5 years ago, and not only that, Jennifer Connelly has already modelled it in a previous ad.  There is some argument for establishing this look as an iconic identifier for Balenciaga, sure. But here's your young, fresh face, heralded as the new representative for what's known as one of the most exciting, innovative designer line. How does recycling serve that purpose? Or is it like reverse psychology? Kristen Stewart redefines what already exists? Maybe if it was a vintage piece from way back. I'm not sure 5 years is enough separation for that. I'm not convinced it sells "future", you know? Then again, I guess Paris always knows best.