To no one’s surprise, Twilight took home almost everything last night at the MTV Movie Awards. You’d think by now that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would be... a little more acclimated to the situation. In fairness to Stewart, she did look like she was having a genuinely good time, at times, during the event. But the moment there’s a requirement to speak... well... you saw it yourself.

We discussed this during the liveblog and Duana, Sasha, and I were all on the side of “over it” when it comes to Stewart’s painful awkwardness. As Sasha hilariously put it:

“The way she acts makes her look like she's having a panic attack and if she really does have social anxiety... don’t look that pretty when you’re posing for pictures. Okay back to the show.”

Of course you can pose pretty for pictures and be a basketcase on stage. The point is that not everyone is buying it. And that’s Sarah position on Stewart – that she’s polarising no matter what, it’s out of her control. Sarah maintains that Stewart is very, very, VERY shy, which accounts for the awkwardness and that we shouldn’t pick on a kid for being an introvert. Sasha on the other hand attributes the patented Stewart public discomfort to a case of Rich Hippy-ness which also makes a lot of sense:

“Have you ever met a white rich girl who gets dreads and wear cheap hemp clothes. It’s like they want to reject everything they are – which is RICH and ELITE – and R-patz and Kristen act all awkward and homely for that same reason. It’s annoying to me.”

Kinda like another version of Gwyneth Paltrow? Right?

As you know, if you’ve been reading my site long enough, I like Kristen Stewart. Oftentimes I’m a Stewart apologist. I find her interesting and I want to see her (other) movies. But it’s exhausting watching her so exhaustingly exhausted by the crushing burden of her fame. You ever been around one of those “artist/writer/painters” and they FEEL more than you, and they despair harder than you, and sometimes you think – holy sh-t, you are working so hard to be miserable? On some level you have to wonder if she works at being awkward, has to remind herself to NOT be comfortable, you know what I mean? The Rich Hippy takes her shoes off right after the carpet because she’s more comfortable eating tree bark than wearing leather heels.

Re: her dress – it was Balmain and it was my favourite of the night and she was gorgeous in it. I mean her face, it’s just soooo pretty. Not a huge departure from past choices in the length and the fit, but that’s a piece that seems like it was made specifically for her. But I just wish I could tug on whatever it is that’s poking out from her chest, either a part of the lining or her bra. You know, like picking at lint.

As for Pattinson – here’s what I wrote last night, and I’ll repeat it here: the stumbling during the Reese Witherspoon dedication and speech, the giggling, the self consciousness... you can be shy, totally, and you can feel anxiety up there, of course, but remember when Katherine Heigl did it while she was presenting at the Oscars (“I’m sorry, I’m really nervous up here)? It’s a different execution but ultimately it’s the same motivation. While the likes of Heigl and Justin Timberlake may do it consciously, and Pattinson UNconsciously, it’s still a Me Me Me! moment at the heart, non? This self preoccupation is what holds him back from truly acting. He’s too busy inside his own head.

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