US Weekly reported exclusively yesterday that Kristen Stewart and Soko are no more, although their source says they could get back together eventually. You’ll recall, Kristen and Soko were not hiding their relationship, as open as we’ve seen Kristen in any relationship. They were papped holding hands, kissing, sucking thumbs – click here and click here and click here for refreshers.         

So it seemed intense. It seemed indulgent, the way the most torrid of affairs can be. When you just don’t give a sh-t, you have to keep touching that person. What can happen, though, with that kind of explosive chemistry is that it can flame out …fast. One day you wake up and you’re suddenly like, ummm, I’m not sure I like you, but OK, let’s f-ck again. And the next day you wake up and you’re like, oh my GOD, I think I might hate you, but OK, let’s f-ck again. And the day after that you wake up and you’re like, Jesus, I do actually hate you, you disgust me. And you still f-ck.


That’s never happened to you? Fine, well, then you’re lucky.

And I’m not saying it happened to Kristen and Soko but when it’s that quick and that open, it usually comes with drama.

As for what’s next – apparently Kristen was hanging with Miley’s ex Stella Maxwell after the MET Gala, you can see photos here. US Weekly maintains they’re just friends though. For now.

Attached - Kristen Stewart at Jodie Foster's Walk of Fame ceremony this week and Stella Maxwell at the MET Gala.