So confused because Kristen Stewart should have been really good at this, should have been a standout at the MET Gala. And from the neck up, we were there. I like the hair and the makeup. It was meant to be bold. It was meant to be forward. If you look closely at the silver shadow, you can see the skill in the application. I’m not sure you can see the skill in the Chanel though.

Because the fit is terrible. This dress is supposed to give her a waist. It does not give her a waist. It’s also not sitting well at the waist. The fabric looks too thick under the skin belt and it’s not forming the way it’s supposed to with her body. I suspect that’s why there’s a slit up the middle, to lessen the pressure and let the material fall more easily but that’s not helping either because now it’s causing all kinds of proportion problems. 

And to make matters worse, yesterday I received several “just you wait!” emails from TwiHards promising me that Kristen and Robert Pattison, who are “secretly married and parents to two children” would show up together. So it’s a disappointment all around.