Kristen Stewart seems like she’s really enjoying this Cannes Film Festival. There’s a … looseness to her, at least from Photo Assumption, that I don’t think we’ve seen. Like she’s having fun. And she doesn’t mind if you know that she’s having fun. Like she’s not checking her smile as soon as she’s noticed. She’s also not checking her hand as it’s wrapped around Alicia Cargile’s hand.

Oh yeah. Alicia has joined Kristen in Cannes, evidently reunited and rekindled. As you know, Soko is also in Cannes. Last week I wondered if there would be drama. Well, Soko was also photographed holding hands with someone. Hand-holding vs hand-holding doesn’t qualify as drama. But it does qualify as hilarious and petty.

What? Oh, ok, I’m sorry. My interpretation is not what this situation is at all. They’re just grownups, living their lives, not paying attention at all to what anyone else is doing and anyone who thinks otherwise is just looking for sh-t. That, actually, would be me.