Desperately Seeking Susan. That was what came to mind when I saw these photos of Kristen Stewart’s new look as she arrived at the Chanel haute couture presentation today in Paris. It’s a movie Twi-Hards, chill. An 80s movies starring Madonna and Rosanna Arquette. I wish Stewart had taken this cut all the way blonde with dark roots.

Jordana (Key Hair on The Social) and I were studying this together. I like it but I don’t love it. Yet. Jordy said that’s kinda what happens sometimes when you go drastically short. That it gets better on the next cut. Like in two cuts, it will be perfect. Because at the beginning, when you change dramatically the weight, texture, and movement of the hair through length, there’s no way to predict how it behaves until you see it. So as it grows in, you can see how it reacts, and the following trim is when you get it exactly right.

As for the outfit…

Look, I’m all about Kristen Stewart trying out everything. This is better than boring, all day. But, you know, this top, these pants, I feel like Rihanna would have done it better. She would have done it all the way. You choose this combination, you need to COMMIT. And there’s something about the way that Stewart is carrying this that feels half way.

The runway shots from Chanel will be posted in LifeStyle later today.