During the holidays Lainey started texting me, stressed out, because she was watching Jessica Jones, which is a very stressful show. One of the best things about Jessica Jones—THE best thing—is Krysten Ritter, who gave one of 2015’s best leading actress performances on television as Jessica. But the Emmys don’t pay attention to superhero TV shows, so she’ll have to settle for being nominated by the Critics’ Choice Awards, the third least important award show (ranking only slightly higher than the Hollywood Film Awards and the People’s Choice Awards).

Ritter lost to Carrie Coon, but it was otherwise a good news day, as Jessica Jones finally got a season two confirmation from Marvel/Netflix. There’s no telling when it will air, though. Daredevil season two will premiere on March 18—just one week before Superhero Face Punch—and then Luke Cage will follow sometime later this year. 2017 will probably bring Iron Fist and then The Defenders team-up miniseries, so it could be 2018 before we see Jessica Jones season two. (There’s also a Punisher spin-off in the works.) But Marvel has had some trouble with Iron Fist, which could open the door to Jessica Jones coming back sooner, giving that show more time to sort itself out. So for now, enjoy these photos of Ritter in this gorgeous Zuhair Murad dress, because it’s going to be a while before we see her again.

(Lainey: best makeup of the night!)

Here’s Krysten Ritter talking about Jessica Jones season two: