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Let LaKeith be Joker

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 30, 2020 15:05:10 January 30, 2020 15:05:10

We’ve been thirsting here at LaineyGossip for LaKeith Stanfield now for a while, he’s so f-cking hot. And also offbeat. And super cool. And if there was anyone who could actually pull off the title of The Most Interesting Man in the World, it would be him. There’s no way to get a read on him. Full Story

Valentine’s Day with Issa and LaKeith

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 4, 2019 16:47:04 November 4, 2019 16:47:04
YouTube/ Universal Pictures

The Photograph, starring Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield, directed by Stella Meghie, comes out on Valentine’s Day. I will be seeing it on Valentine’s Day, not with my husband but probably with Kathleen, because this is the kind of movie you want to go to with someone who appreciates a romance. Full Story

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All the stars in Knives Out

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 3, 2019 14:12:56 July 3, 2019 14:12:56
YouTube/ Lionsgate Movies

Pre-Star Wars, Rian Johnson made his name as a director on twisty-turny genre pieces Brick, The Brothers Bloom (vastly underappreciated), and Looper. Then he went off and made a Star War and a very vocal fragment of the fandom pooped their Pampers over The Last Jedi, an argument which continues today. Full Story

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Netflix’s rom-com revival continues

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 8, 2019 19:20:08 March 8, 2019 19:20:08
Wenn, Axelle/ Bauer-Griffin/ Joshua Blanchard/ Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

Last year, Netflix ushered in the rom-com revival with their “summer of love”. This year, they’re keeping the love train running with a new romantic comedy, Someone Great. It stars Gina Rodriguez and LaKeith Stanfield as a twenty-something couple splitting up on the eve of their thirties. Full Story

Donald Glover: Emmys Mystery

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at September 18, 2018 14:36:18 September 18, 2018 14:36:18
Kevin Mazur/ Jeff Kravitz/ Steve Granitz/ Frazer Harrison/ Alberto E Rodriguez/ Rebecca Sapp/ Kevork Djansezian/ NBC/ Getty Images

ATLANTA WAS ROBBED. Robbin’ Season! How many all-caps hysterics did you see on your timelines last night declaring the same thing? The big mystery of the night could have been how one of the most unique, innovative, and brilliant shows on television didn’t walk away with a single award (except for Katt Williams for Guest Actor – Comedy Series, not televised) but the real enigma of the evening was WHO WAS TEDDY PERKINS? This mystery also induced all-caps hysteria. Full Story

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Sorry to Bother You review

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 13, 2018 13:51:21 July 13, 2018 13:51:21
Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images

Coming out of Sundance, Boots Riley’s debut film, Sorry to Bother You, was hailed as “the next Get Out”, and it’s not hard to understand the comparison. Like Get Out, Sorry announces the arrival of a major new filmmaker, and like Get Out, it is (partly) about how America exploits its black citizens, particularly how it exploits black excellence, and specifically how that exploitation exists to maintain a white supremacist status quo. Full Story

Shipping Gina and Lakeith

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 4, 2018 20:25:57 May 4, 2018 20:25:57

First… are you all caught up on Atlanta? Last night’s episode destroyed me. Every episode has destroyed me. Every single episode this season has been f-cking genius and, seriously, this is not hyperbole. Teddy Perkins? Woods? North Of The Border? FUBU? That’s four back to back to back episodes that are better than any other half hour of TV on any other show right now, no exaggeration, and that includes black-ish, my favourite show. Full Story

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Lakeith Stanfield is Sorry to Bother You

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at March 13, 2018 19:48:36 March 13, 2018 19:48:36
Wenn, Dan MacMedan/ Johnny Louis/ Kevork Djansezian/ Alexander Tamargo/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

Lakeith Stanfield has given us many reasons to love him over the past couple of years. Aside from stealing every damn frame of every single TV show and movie he’s starred in, he also gave us this red-carpet moment that I will never forget. It was the moment I really, truly fell in love with Lakeith Stanfield. Full Story

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