She looked like she was about to last night, didn’t she? At the premiere for American Horror Story?

Check out Lea Michele posing to the point of aneurysm, poor thing. And I mean it. Because you know what I think it is about Lea Michele? Lea Michele has this awesome gift. It’s SO pure. I LOVE when she sings. I don’t watch Glee anymore but I can tell you that Glee is nothing without her and I’m sure that hasn’t changed.

But still, despite having this awesome gift, this awesome sound that she can create, and that she can present to us so effortlessly ... do you get the sense that Lea Michele would trade it in for something else? Do you get the sense that Lea Michele would rather be what she’s trying to be when she’s working it this hard on a red carpet?

What is that, exactly?

Blake Lively?

I hope not. That would make me sad. It would make me sad that Lea Michele’s voice wouldn’t be enough for Lea Michele.


Connie Britton is the star of American Horror Story. The show was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk of Glee which is why so many Glee people turned up to the premiere...but no Connie. Which, I guess, is why Lea Michele walked around like she owned it.

Where was Connie?

Probably working. Mrs Taylor is really busy these days.

As for American Horror Story - I want to see SO badly. The show premieres on FX tomorrow in the US but in Canada apparently it won’t air until October 31. Why do we have to be the hick cousin?

PS. The patent quilting on those Brian Atwoods is GORGEOUS. I prefer it in the Maniac pump .