So this is new. You know how Olivia Pope on Scandal is based on a real woman? That’s Judy Smith. She’s everything you expect Olivia Pope to be and her resume includes advisor to people who are Heads of State and Executives of Major Corporations. She just advised on the Sony leak. She is the Big Time.

Lena Dunham has just signed her to represent her in terms of publicity.

Lena already has a publicist – that’s Cindi Berger who’s the chairman and CEO of her firm, which is one of the biggest in Hollywood. So when you have the biggest gun in the game, why go for an even bigger gun? This isn’t a firing - they’re both going to work on Dunham as a client together.  To mangle a metaphor, isn’t that like bringing a shotgun to a snowball fight?

But then, Lena Dunham is different.  As experienced as Berger is, she doesn’t usually have the Christian right trying to bring her clients down.  She doesn’t usually have clients accused by Fox News of being a child molester or of making false accusations or whatever else people are going to come up with. She’s never had people who were after a client before – assuming that’s what’s happening and that I’m not just high on hyperbole after too many episodes of Jane The Virgin.

And I guess this means Lena is tired of ignoring it and hoping it will go away. Judy Smith doesn’t just hope it’ll go away. She’ll make it go away.

Now, somewhere at Fox News, some producer is going to get at least 45 minutes out of this story. I’ll help write the headline.


There. See?