It was Madonna who attracted many of the major players to her party on Sunday night after the Oscars. Why? No photographers is probably the best explanation. And no journalists. Vanity Fair invites a handful of reporters to their event. That’s how they can get it out there that their party is the best…after Madonna.

You already know that Brange was there. And Charlize Theron and Sean Penn were making out there. And Leo took Toni Garrn and Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady were there too. Page Six reports that Leo and Gisele were friendly and spent some time talking and Toni didn’t seem to mind. Great. But that’s an excuse to look at old photos of them together. Time for some Gossip Nostalgia!

Gisele is still the only girlfriend Leo has taken to the Oscars. And they used to kiss at basketball games and hold hands on hikes. Then she realised she was wasting her time and did NOT downgrade. Please. I’m making a face at you if you consider Tom Brady a downgrade. I’ve also attached shots of Brady on the beach with their son Benjamin yesterday.

As for the good relationship that Leo and Gisele have now, there’s no reason for any linger on both sides. She has her QB1 husband. And as for him, since she’s had babies now, she’s basically become asexual for him.