Page Six reports that Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the Bahamas the last few days. So has Nina Agdal. It’s been, what?, six weeks or so and in that time, Leo and Nina have been seen partying in NYC, in Montauk. and now in the Caribbean. Just friends? He keeps insisting through his rep that they’re not dating. But it’s not like his rep would ever confirm that he’s dating anyway.

Leo and Nina are there with Leo’s constant, Lukas Haas, and Lukas’s girlfriend model Josey Auguste. Some other friends are around too. Which makes the case, for some, that they are probably just friends if so many other people are around them all the time. But, like, isn’t that the case for all of Leo’s bonafides? When you date the Alpha Wolf, the Wolf Pack is always around.

And what of the lesser wolves? Let’s go back to the fact that Lukas has a girlfriend now. When Lukas wants to date a model, does he have to make sure that Leo’s passed her over first? And then, after that, is it approval by committee? Because hanging out with Lukas means being around with Leo. And Leo is all about jumping into dumpsters to protect his privacy. The girlfriends of the lesser wolves, then, must also be sworn to safeguard the leader. This is actually how the mob works, isn’t it? And it’s hilarious. That Leo lives his real life like a Goodfella.