As you may have heard, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar on Sunday and broke Oscar Twitter records in the process as people around the world expressed their happiness about his achievement. Some say this is a testament to his popularity. I’m a f-cking piece of sh-t c-nt so I see it as proof of the obvious. He wanted that sh-t so bad the ENTIRE WORLD KNEW ABOUT IT.

Afterwards, Leo hit up the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Then he and his boys partied privately at Ago. Tobey Maguire was there. Richie Akiva was there. Of course poor put upon Lukas Haas was there. All of them there to celebrate their king and fearless leader, the President of the Pussy Posse.

Only, wait. Apparently they don’t call themselves the Pussy Posse anymore. Both Page Six and the NY Daily News report that the Pussy Posse is now the Wolf Pack:

“They (apparently) called themselves ‘The Wolf Pack,’” one partygoer said. “The crew was literally howling like wolves all night. They kept chanting, ‘Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack!’”

Um, howling like wolves?

Chanting “wolf pack, wolf pack”? Probably fist-pumping too, right?

You want to sh-t on Taylor Swift and her squadding? I’ll take her squadding any day over a group of entitled douchebags glorifying themselves all over the place calling themselves Wolf Pack like they’re 16 for life. It’s gross. Does this have anything to do with The Wolf Of Wall Street? Have you seen that movie? The men in that movie are f-cks. F-CKS. They are crooks. They are abusers. They are misogynist. They are pigs. So Leo and Company, is that how they roll? Like the Wolf Pack all up in this bitch? True Entourage. So true.