Leonardo DiCaprio spoke at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival on Saturday in New York. These are probably the best pictures we’ve seen of him in, well, in years. This is the version of Leo we’ll be seeing for the next several months as he campaigns toward his first Oscar for his performance in Alejandro G Inarritu’s The Revenant.

The Revenant doesn’t open (in select cities) until Christmas but several new images from the film have just been released as they build momentum for the award season. Click here to see. The strategy here is obvious. By now, everyone knows that Inarritu shot in extreme conditions. So we’re going to be hearing a lot about what the actors endured. What Leo endured. How he roughed it in the cold, in the wilderness, and how he, a vegetarian, was so committed to his character, he even ate meat so that he could channel Hugh Glass’s experience. According to production designer Jack Fisk, it was wild bison liver:

“He had to eat the liver. I think he threw up afterward… he was so into it. It made me really appreciate the extent to which he’ll go to make things right.” 

This is what the other best actors in the category will be up against then. Leo ate bison liver even though he hasn’t touched meat in 20 years – what did you do? Leo slept on the snow for weeks – what did you sleep on? Leo had to live on a mountain – where did you live?

OK but …like… at the end of it all, he still had a catalogue full of Victoria’s Secret to feast on, right?