Leonardo DiCaprio was the big draw here at TIFF on Friday afternoon to screen his documentary Before The Flood. You can imagine the media presence at the theatre. It’s Leo. And, as TIFF’s documentary programmer Thom Powers told the audience, “The man at the centre of this film has a very large choir”. So it’s a message movie about the environment. It’s Leo’s message. It’s on Leo to get that message out.

Which must be why he did three short interviews – with Access Hollywood, Extra, and PEOPLE – and then blew by the rest of the long press line, reporters who’d been waiting over an hour to talk to him… ABOUT HIS MOVIE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT. Some parts of that movie take place in Canada. The world premiere was in Canada. Leonardo DiCaprio did not stop for any Canadian media. He also arrived late, unlike, say, Tom Ford, who showed up on time for his premiere and spent five minutes with almost every outlet. But you know what? By all means, please let’s continue applauding Leonardo DiCaprio.

Thankfully Leo did have time afterwards to go to the party at Soho House. Being at the party is a great way to raise awareness for climate change. By Sunday, Leo and his nasty neck beard were back in New York for the US Open men’s final.