Leonardo DiCaprio was involved in a minor fender-bender in the Hamptons with his 2016 bonafide Nina Agdal. According to Page Six Leo comforted both Nina and the other driver and also called the cops. The way they describe it, or the way their “source” described it to them, Leo was the goodest Samaritan. The car that rear-ended Leo was going 10mph. And for some reason, this was a major entertainment headline this weekend. Slow news cycle…or something else?

Because Leo was supposed to be hosting a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in LA this week that he’s just backed out of, citing work commitments. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel will be taking over for him. Officially, Leo’s working on The Turning Point, his environmental awareness documentary that will screen at TIFF, in New York and is too busy to step away. I’m sure that’s what he was doing in the Hamptons, surrounded by the Wolf Pack and all those models.

Or maybe it has something to do with that piece in The Hollywood Reporter that I mentioned last Thursday, about his shady dealings with all those shady billionaires involved in that shady money scam. Clinton’s people insist that the host change has nothing to do with the embezzlement scandal. Leo’s people are adamant that it has nothing to do with the embezzlement scandal. Like they would actually confirm it if it had to do with the embezzlement scandal.

How long do we have to keep pretending that Alpha Wolf is the hero of Hollywood?