Oh hey. I haven't posted any shots of Leonardo DiCaprio on a boat in Cannes yet. So. Here.

How many billionaires offered him the opportunity? And how do you choose which one to accept? Is it possible that he's renting it on his own? Why spend his own money when there's an obscenely wealthy starf-cker willing to take care of the expenses?

People were all impressed earlier this week when Leo bid $20k for a bag for his ma at a charity event. Please. What's $20k to him when he doesn't have to front anything else? He's probably going to leave the French Riviera with a profit.

Anyway, as you can see, one by one the sycophants came to pay their respects, double Euro kisses while Leo bakes in the sun. And models too. Always.

Juliette Lewis is also staying on this boat. And if it were anyone else, they'd be starting rumours. But seeing as Juliette, whose body is tight as f-ck, is over 22, we all know better.

Also attached - brand new shots of Leo partying with Robin Thicke at Gotha Club.