Leonardo DiCaprio in LA with his Summer ’16 bonafide, Nina Agdal, earlier this week. And a shot of them side by side. And he’s not covering his face. Please let’s talk about this and not the potential controversy around his foundation and the embezzlement scam?

Since The Hollywood Reporter’s two articles about the situation the Telegraph and the NY Post have followed up with coverage about another environmental charity urging him to return the money. Still, it’s been pretty quiet. Not that much attention is being paid to it. Which works out well because his documentary is heading to TIFF and here’s part of the description:

From the toxic tar sands of Alberta to the frequently flooded streets of Miami Beach, from the smog-choked avenues of Beijing to the incinerated forests of Indonesia, DiCaprio meets with scientists, politicians, and activists to face the facts: natural disasters are becoming more frequent, wildlife is vanishing, communities are being destroyed. What is to be done?

So they’re touching on forest depletion. And critics of the Malaysian money scandal claim that the scammers were using logging contracts in exchange for political support. Are these questions going to come up when he’s promoting it? Or does Leo have a fame pass that protects him from having to, you know, answer questions from journalists legitimately wondering about the connection?