Leo, the Oscar-winning presenter

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 27, 2017 20:14:13 February 27, 2017 20:14:13

Leonardo DiCaprio returned to the Oscars a year after The Struggle to present Best Actress in his role as immediate-previous Best Actor. As you know, once you win an Oscar, the title is forever attached to your name. We recently interviewed Anna Paquin on The Social and when we introduced her it was “Please welcome Academy Award winner, Anna Paquin!” It wasn’t a request from her either. It’s just… if someone has won an Oscar, that’s how they are introduced.

So, since exactly a year ago, Leo has been Academy Award winner, Leonardo DiCaprio. And …can you see the difference it made in his presenting style? Leo’s presented at the Oscars before. But this was his first time presenting as an Oscar winner. He came out of the wings like a peacock. That was a STRUT, a smirking strut, the smirk of a man now imbued with the power to anoint another. And he is getting OFF on that.

I wonder if it comes from the same place as being the Alpha Wolf of the Wolf Pack. (By the way it’s also the one year anniversary of the Wolf Pack howling in unison to celebrate their leader’s win.) Alpha Wolf needs to sit at the head of the table, and it makes him feel good to toss his scraps to his brothers – he revels in the benevolence, he uses generosity to elevate himself. And then admires his own magnanimity. That’s what I saw in Leo last night too. 

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