Is it quitting or is it replacing?

As I’ve mentioned a few times the last couple of days, I’m not smoking real cigarettes anymore. The love of my life right now is my electronic cigarette. And I can hear some of you tutting. Smoking is SO DISGUSTING! YOU’RE SO GROSS LAINEY.

I understand why you might feel this way. I wish I could feel that way. I’ve read a book that’s supposed to convince me to feel this way. But the truth is, I love smoking. Robert Downey Jr once said that he had a “sick love affair” with cocaine. This is me with cigarettes. And I imagine many smokers feel the same way. If only smoking was good for you. Remember Bella in Notting Hill? The rueful look on her face when she equated the pain of quitting to that of not being able to conceive?

“And to add insult to serious injury -- I've totally given up smoking, my favourite thing, and the truth is... we can't have a baby.” (Source)

Anyway, as you can see, I’m obsessed right now with smoking, smokers, e-cigs, people who smoke e-cigs...

Sienna Miller smokes e-cigs -- click here to see. Leonardo DiCaprio smokes e-cigs. He’s been smoking them for months. Maybe years? Now I’m obsessed with what this means. If you switch from real cigarettes to e-cigarettes, does that actually count as quitting? Here’s Leo with his e-cig on set in New York the other day. He’s smoking inside a restaurant. I was at a restaurant last night and asked for permission to smoke my e-cig because the women at the table next to us were smokers and every time they came back to their table, they’d waft the sweetness back in with them. So I asked the bartender who had to ask the owner and they huddled over it and in the end, unfortunately, it was not allowed, because optically, even though it’s just mist, it would seem off-side. Leo doesn’t have this problem.