It’s apparently been rumoured that Leonardo DiCaprio and Baz Luhrmann did not get on very well during filming in Australia for The Great Gatsby. Luhrmann went out the other night in Sydney and was asked about their relationship. He said they’ve known each other a long time. That doesn’t sound to me like a denial but more of an acknowledgement - when people work closely together, there can be tension at times; that’s understandable, non? 

There was an interesting detail that emerged from the report though...

Supposedly Luhrmann was particularly frustrated with Leo one day on set because he locked himself in his trailer and refused to come out after Blake Lively broke up with him.



That’s the first I’ve heard of this. Probably because I don’t read Life & Style/In Touch/Star Magazine. But let’s go with it anyway. Because it’s consistent with what went down between them. Blake knew Leo was only good for the summer. Blake took off on Leo as soon as her all-season selection, Ryan Reynolds, became available.

Needless to say, it was probably the first time Leo had been rejected in over 15 years. Blake Lively made Leo all pouty and sulky. You know what comes next:

How did she DO that?

Oh! Guess what?

It’s exactly, EXACTLY the one year anniversary of Blake & Leo in Verona - do you remember? Let’s revisit the photos. Click here for the original post.

Source (thanks Yasmine!)