Leonardo DiCaprio was photographed in New York on the set of The Wolf Of Wall Street yesterday playing tennis and smoking cigarettes. He’s no longer the young thin-faced Jack Dawson of Titanic but in many ways, the reason we still see him that way is because of how he moves his body. He’s always had that awkward boyish gait. It’s those turned-out feet. And he runs like a kid, with an athleticism that is, if adequate, not exactly elegant.

Some people get the job done but they don’t look great doing it, you know? Bubba Watson, for example, has a f-cked up swing. But he gets the ball there. And while Roger Federer’s game is probably one of the most easy and natural that we’ve ever seen on the tour, Rafael Nadal comes by it less gracefully, though no less effective. Think of the way Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant seem to glide across the court. And then there’s Charles Barkley who… wasn’t so pretty to watch. Similarly, Leo’s body movement has never been his sexiest attribute.

As for his love life, there’s been a lot of speculation that he and his Wolf co-star Margot Robbie are dealing with each other. At 22, Margot is the right age but she’s also an actress and, well, Leo usually prefers his woman uncomplicated, young and uncomplicated.