38 year old Leonardo DiCaprio’s current Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend, Toni Garrn, turned 21 yesterday. So she’s finally legal now in the United States. Toni celebrated with her model posse at Leo’s Fourth of July house party in the Hollywood Hills. A few of her friends tweeted photos. I’ve attached some of them below. Leo’s not in any of them but, as you know, given how private he is, seeing as he’s always looking for a trash bin to jump into any time anyone wants a picture of him, it’s rare to get shots from inside his home. (Doesn’t Leo’s lifestyle kinda sorta remind you of what was probably going down at Jack Nicholson’s in the 60s and 70s?)

But this is Leo’s reality now. The reality is that people Toni’s age, especially people around Toni’s age, like JUSTIN BIEBER, who’s much closer to Toni’s age, are all over the social networking. And if Leo continues to mine romantically from that demographic, this is what he’ll have to expect.

So…what are the ground rules?

There must be ground rules, non?

Does he have to approve the tweets?

What’s off-limits? His face? His bedroom? His dog? (Did you know his French bulldog is called Django, and that he was so named well before he made the movie? Django makes an appearance in one of these photos.)

Is it like a father telling his teenage daughter what she can and can’t do when her friends come over?

Source, source, and source.

Thanks Ellen and Sasha!

Update: We've received a request to remove the photos...which was kinda the point of this article, Leonardo DiCaprio being the private person that he is...and dating in the social network generation, a generation that seems to be continuously redefining the definition of privacy. It's time for Daddy to set some stricter rules.