Leslie Jones has arrived in Rio. She started posting as soon as she got there this morning. NBC invited her earlier this week after she became an Olympic gold medallist tweeter at the start of the Games. As I noted a couple of days ago, we need let Leslie to be Leslie.The question is whether or not NBC will let Leslie be Leslie. Like, will Leslie be allowed to yell – quite rightly – and the dumbass NBC commentators calling the events? Or Bob Costas? 

She yelled at Bob Costas a couple of days ago:


Bob Costas is the lead anchor of NBC’s primetime Olympic coverage. And there’s Leslie Jones, who is also on the NBC payroll, shouting at him on TV about his dumbass questions…!!!!!!! And this was AFTER NBC made plans for her to go there!

So, now that she’s there, can she shout at him in person?