While most of us on social media were opening the gossip gift that Kanye West’s wife dropped on us yesterday, it was not Gossip Christmas for Leslie Jones. For Leslie Jones, it was actually hell. Here’s an actor who’s enjoying the best year of her career, with a leading role in the new Ghostbusters, and all kinds of degenerates are sending her the worst kind of f-cksh-t messages on Twitter.

I saw Ghostbusters on Saturday afternoon. I booked the earliest tee time I could find that day so that I could make it for the 1pm show. It was sunny out. Didn’t care. Was happy to spend 2 and a half hours inside. And I loved it. I loved them. Watching them made me want to be 12 years old again so that I could dream about being a Ghostbuster. Being a Ghostbuster would have meant hanging out making science with my friends, kicking some ghost ass, and laughing, a lot. I hope there were a lot of 12 year old kids who felt that way this weekend. Especially kids like Leslie herself, the way she felt about Whoopi Goldberg when she grew up.

Leslie was on The View last week. She got choked up when she told Whoopi how she used to watch her on TV as a kid. And what that meant to her – to see a woman who looked like her making people laugh, on the television. How important that was to her confidence, to her career. That’s why representation is critical. 


Leslie Jones turns 49 years old in September, and is just now experiencing the most success she’s ever had. But you know how it works in the business. You know that for women, the windows close – fast. And for black women, there aren’t many windows open to begin with.

So… you know…let me be petty here because that’s how I was born: Taylor Swift is GOING TO BE FINE. And she’s going to have a lot of time to be fine. There is no way that Taylor Swift won’t come back from what she was served this weekend. We will live through at least 8 more Taylor Swift “comebacks”, guaranteed. Leslie Jones, on the other hand, only has so few opportunities in this system. 

Attached - Leslie at The View late last week.