Liam Hemsworth, boyfriend/fiancé/whatever of Miley Cyrus, has joined Twitter. Clearly a promotional move, at this writing, he only has two tweets – one from Team Liam. That’s fine, I don’t see anything wrong with them using Twitter to promote a film, especially when they are forthright about it.

What’s interesting is that Miley has once said her hiatus from Twitter was prompted by Liam wanting her to give it up (she has since of course returned). There’s an argument to be made that tweeting personally and tweeting professionally are two different things, so it doesn’t make him a hypocrite, and I agree there is a distinction.

But… he follows her. Like, on Twitter you guys. Great, so now we have another way to monitor their relationship. So when they break up for real, is he going to unfollow her? She follows him too, so are they back together? Who knows. Do they even know? But Twitter will now be another gauge for people to measure their commitment to one another. And it’s not an unfair assessment – this is their world (or the world they have created). They just opened themselves up to a lot of double tagged posts @mileycyrus @liamhemsworth.

My guess is that Liam’s tweets, even his “personal” ones, will be pretty staid. Liam wants to be a movie star. He isn’t one yet. Curiously, in this protracted break-up, he has come off like the good guy, and Miley the awful girl with short hair. And you know who’s perpetuating that? Other girls. I talked to a 22-year-old, right around Miley’s age, about it recently and she said, “So glad they broke up, I hate her.” I defended Miley and the response was, “Ya, but he’s hot.” Subtext: Miley’s not good enough for and/or pretty enough for Liam.

Question: Who the f-ck was Liam Hemsworth before The Hunger Games? Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend, that’s who. But they way people –girls in particular – have turned so quickly on her, it’s reminiscent of Britney/Justin, no? Even though he’s been the naughty one, there’s a perception that she’s lucky to be with him.

Does January Jones have Twitter? Just curious.

Attached -- Liam Hemsworth leaving the gym earlier this week.