Shortly after Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got back together, a ring showed up on her finger and everyone rumoured that they were engaged again. Liam apparently did an interview with Australia’s TV Week on March 31st however and made this statement

“I am not engaged, no.”

I wish we had the context. I wish we knew the flow of the conversation that prompted this answer. Still, it’s definitive. They have reconciled but that doesn’t mean they’re talking about marriage. Which, actually, is not stupid. Getting engaged when she was 19 was stupid. So I’m good with them taking their time, re-enjoying themselves before re-engaging themselves.

What I worry about is how this will be interpreted. Because remember, the way their reconciliation has been presented to us so far – Miley’s been domesticated, she had to “earn” Liam back, etc etc – has adhered to a narrative that puts her in a position of inferiority. There was something wrong with HER. SHE had to make the changes. SHE had to prove that she was worthy of him. And so now, being that he’s the first one to even comment on the situation, even though she posts on Instagram 8 times a day and is undeniably the bigger star between them, it sounds again – to the idiots who keep perpetuating this assumption – like HE’s calling the shots and she’s waiting on them. Still gross. And it’s killing my boner for these photos of them leaving The Huntsman premiere the other night. Because it seems like they’re slowly stepping out as a couple again. Which is exciting. Except for how people insist on characterising the way they are together.