Well, not really. He’s there to work. But there’s always down time. And Liam Neeson is enjoying his with girlfriend Freya St Johnston. They’ve been together a year and a half. Here they on the Spanish steps and at the Piazza del Popolo while he gets the weekend off from shooting Third Person.

Neeson’s Taken 2 just won the box office for the second week straight. Liam Neeson wins the box office every time he comes out with a movie these days. And he seems to be critic-proof too. Grantland published an article a couple of weeks ago analysing Neeson’s movie star status and I agree with what I think are the two main points:

-That he’s basically playing his Taken character over and over again no matter the setting: with wolves, on a military ship, as a mythological God…
-That you can’t begrudge him for it because he somehow does it all with… the dignity of Oskar Schindler…? It’s the shadow. The shadow is there (though it may be quickly receding).