I hate it.

I was going to write this rambling intro about being a contrarian and how nothing makes me feel more out of touch with public opinion than grading a red carpet, but why bother? If you love this dress, we are fighting. Come at me.

Lily Collins is lovely, her face is spectacular. I like her hair and makeup. The dress is ugly, it is overwrought, it is messy. The sheer overlay, the lace detailing, the blue jewels, the almost aggressively banal pink-purple hue, the mermaid hem, that figure skating uniform sheer material on the chest. It is Zuhair Murad, who I am generally not a fan of for exactly this reason. It’s not that the gown is physically restrictive (or maybe it is, only Lily would know), but it is unimaginative and old fashioned.

And Lily Collins is so young! So fresh! Oh to see her in Lanvin, or Balenciaga, or something cool from Chanel. Look, I know everyone is not Kristen Stewart. Not everyone wants to wear oxfords on the red carpet. Not everyone wants to experiment or be edgy. Some women, and I completely understand this impulse, want to be noticed but still safe. They don’t want to take a chance, they don’t want to end up on a worst dressed list.

Someone at Lily’s level would have choice, but Tom Ford isn’t banging on her door. Still, I don’t believe this was the best she had to choose from. It’s almost like this gown is making an “I’ve arrived, and I promise to be nice!” statement. There’s a doll-like femininity and it’s almost… oppressive. To me. Although many others will describe it as pretty.