Lindsay Lohan’s entire Playboy spread has been leaked online. So... Playboy’s million dollar investment is now available for free on the internet five days before newsstands sales. That’s a lesson for anyone making a deal with that piece of sh-t. They were stupid enough to do it and to put a clause in there to withhold half the payment until the issue is officially available for purchase. This is how you have to deal with the Lohans now. You must operate from a No Trust position and negotiate from there. Which Playboy didn’t. And here we are: CLICK HERE to see Lohan’s Playboy pictorial which, obviously, is NSFW. Or CLICK HERE.  Or just Google it. At this point, they’re everywhere and the magazine is apparently freaking out.

As for the images...

It’s Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe. Again. They’ve re-imagined the famous Marilyn Playboy pictures (click here for those) without the legendary Marilyn sparkle. Obviously. Marilyn had a playful quality about her blatant sexuality. With Lohan it always feels seedy and dirty, a fitting reflection of what she is. Which is spoiled, rotten, and selfish. I promise you there is nothing redeemable about Lindsay Lohan. This is, through and through, a terrible person. With or without the addiction, the lowest class of person ever. It’s as obvious on her face, in her expression, as it is in her feet, the way they’re positioned in the last picture in this link. There’s nothing more base to me than a woman photographed, with her body stretched out but for her unpointed bare feet. It’s the feet that say it all; the feet cannot be elevated when they’re attached to presented for the viewing pleasure of everyone in Hollywood. And this is supposed to help secure her a new role?

You’ll note the magazine’s ridiculous accompanying article positing that this Playboy spread will do for her what it did for a 19 year old Drew Barrymore many years ago? Please.

Michael Bay wouldn’t go near this sh-t, let alone a proper casting agent.