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Look, I have, happily, never been arrested, yet, and I don’t know all that many people with that experience and certainly never in Southern California so I have no idea which is why I’m wondering…

Do they measure and weigh you when you’re getting booked?

Yesterday Lindsay LOHAN checked herself in with the cops to get her ankle monitor and start her house arrest situation – 35 days, major eye roll –and TMZ posted details from her booking sheet and she’s listed at 5 ft 7 and 117 lbs.


I have met Lindsay Lohan. Stood next to her, in front of her, eyeball to eyeball. I am 5 ft 3. She is NOT 4 inches taller than me. No way. And also…

117 lbs?

She has a nice body. She’s not sickly and emaciated the way she was before. There’s some lean and there are also some curves, it looks good. But 5 ft 7 and 117 lbs? With those tits? Do you know what 5’7 and 117 would have to look like?

I’m not trying to meangirl here, nor am I trying to get us all mental about weight and body image – quite the opposite, in fact. Because if we continue to LIE about a figure that is perfectly healthy, even coveted, and make claims of it that are unrealistic we’ll never be able to accept that there is more than one ideal.

Is there anything Lindsay LOHAN actually tells the truth about?!?

Attached – Lohan in Miami a few days ago in her bikini which just happened to keep falling off.

Photos from INF

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