The politically correct thing to say here is that it’s so sad that Lindsay Lohan had to go through a miscarriage. Because no one wants to come off as the c-nt who didn’t believe Lindsay Lohan when she said on the final episode of her OWN docu-series that the reason she’d missed two weeks of shooting because she lost her baby. At least no one wants to say it out loud, on the internet. They might say, well IF she’s telling the truth, that’s sad. But you’re a piece of sh-t if you actually put it out there that…really??? I’m having a hard time buying it.

I mean, truth-telling isn’t exactly a Lohan family skill. Coming up with bullsh-t to excuse bad behaviour and poor work ethic however is definitely a Lohan go-to move. So what makes this time any different? Because there’s a life involved? Allegedly. So, naturally, we suspend skepticism, we suspend rational analysis. Once you invoke the word BABY!, even a chronic liar should be believed. This is the person who also says that cocaine was never a problem and that her “sex list” was written as an Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step exercise.

So this is what she’s asking you to accept as reality:

She f-cked Justin Timberlake (but not Samantha Ronson) and made that public to atone for her mistakes and she also couldn’t work for half a month because she was pregnant and then wasn’t  pregnant.

I’ll be over here in the c-nt corner raising my eyebrows. Are you joining me?