Not eating but driving

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 4, 2009 15:29:47 February 4, 2009 15:29:47

Well this can’t be good…

You know what happens when Lilo is ultra skinny and gets behind the wheel?

This is Lindsay Lohan in LA today driving around in her car. She’s been deliberately lying low for days following controversy about her weight, covering up her body at the Super Bowl, clearly still without food in her life. Cigarettes, coffee, coke. The 3 c’s to a Hollywood body.

Like, remember when she ran her car up against a curb and took off from the scene? Remember when she kidnapped 3 dudes and drove like a crackhead along the highway in hot pursuit of some girl and her mother?

This moment in gossip history has been brought to you by Dina Lohan.

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