Every few months or so she’s at it – bringing up Oscar, like it’s some kind of foregone conclusion. Lindsay LOHAN can’t stay out of court, but somehow she thinks she’s going to win an Oscar? And by the time she’s 30?

This is what she told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show last night, you know, after she regurgitated all the sh-t you’re supposed to say when you’ve f-cked up: I’ve taken responsibility, I made mistakes, I’ve learned, I’m better…

Are you?

It’s a goddamn script. It doesn’t mean anything if you keep doing it. And she’s been saying all of that for, what, like, 5 years now? That’s what she actually said to Vanity Fair last fall when they put her on the cover, only to get sent to rehab for 3 months literally when the magazine came out. So…you know.

Lohan insists that that was the last time though and just wants to act now.

"(I’m) willing to do the work that I have to do to follow through with being an actress. I've made a lot of mistakes and I've recognized that, but I'm in the clear now and I feel like as long as I stay focused then I will be able to, you know, achieve what I want to be able to achieve. I want the public knowledge to be about my work, not about things that I didn't get into this business for, that I've put myself into positions where that was the bigger story than what I was working on.”

Then, when asked about her goals, about what she thinks she’ll be doing in 6 years when she turns 30, this was her answer:

"Hopefully, sitting here after winning an Oscar."

How about, you know, actually just making it through a production? And not getting convicted for theft? How about, like, keeping it a little, just a little, more realistic?

This is the problem with Lindsay LOHAN, and I’ve said it before too: if she was genuinely interested in the work, the work would be the goal. That’s certainly the goal for people like Julianne Moore, for Laura Linney, for proper actors who keep acting for the process, the people, the material, the set, the crew, the experience…

That, really, is what the job is about, isn’t it? Any job. Your job. My job. Their jobs. Most of the time when it’s being done right, you’re doing it because of what it gives you on a day to day level. That’s when you know you really want it. And that’s how I know Lindsay Lohan isn’t real about it. How can she be when the first thing that comes out of her mouth is how she’s going to be rewarded for it?

And that right there is how you know there is no change. Still entitled, still not humble, still lazy, still selfish, still totally self absorbed, still totally useless.


Photos from Wenn.com