Vulture’s interview with Bebe Buell was the best thing I read yesterday. SO good. Like vintage smut. She keeps saying back in the day, it was a different life, it was a different way. Have you seen Almost Famous? Penny Lane played by Kate Hudson? That was inspired by Bebe Buell. Bebe Buell, I just like saying the whole name, is Liv Tyler’s mother. She’s been everyone’s girlfriend at one time or another. As she says herself:

“I think I had lovely boyfriends. I think for your first three boyfriends to be Mick Jagger, Todd Rungren, and David Bowie, I think that’s okay. I can’t imagine why anybody would have a problem with that.”

And Bebe is a musician in her own right which, I know you’re rolling your eyes about it but she had a legitimate shot at a career that ended because, as she says, she chose to give that up for Liv Tyler. And be a real mother.

“I would have suffered if I had not done my best to be the best mother I could be. But I’m not a Momager. I’m not into the Dina Lohan — that stuff makes me seriously, Roman-style puke. I’m not into that. What I did for Liv was a little different. I had a lot of knowledge of the industry, so I was able to steer her correctly through her future and show her how to be professional.”

Part of that involved Liv staying in school, taking the subway to school, graduating from high school properly...and then going off to shoot Stealing Beauty. In other words, Bebe Buell is judging Dina Lohan.

“I don’t think you should be your daughter’s best friend. You’ve got to be a mother. The other night I was at that Lovecat/V Magazine party during Fashion Week and [Lindsay Lohan] threw a drink on somebody and she was there with her mother. I just know that if my daughter threw a drink on somebody, she’d be over my knee getting an old-fashioned whooping. No matter what age. You don’t do things like that. First of all, my daughter would never do something like that. It’s not in her nature. You have to have something in your nature to do something like that. I find it tragic, because Lindsay to me is extremely talented. I just wish that she had the influence of somebody like me or somebody around her — not that I have time to wear a manager hat anymore, but I’m just saying that I just don’t like these moms that run these careers. How do they even understand the industry? When I was working for my daughter, you had to know when to step aside. The spotlight is not on you. It’s on them. These moms, they just don’t get it. It kind of upsets me. Because I think you’ve got to be a mother first and foremost, and I personally think when you’re in recovery and trying to get better, you shouldn’t be going to parties. You shouldn’t be going to parties and your mom shouldn’t be going with you. That’s my humble opinion.”


Click here to read the entire interview. It’s a good one to save for your lunch hour instead of skimming through it right now.

Attached - Liv in New York this morning catching a cab in gym clothes.