This is Lucy Liu on the New York set of Elementary yesterday, a new Sherlock Holmes pilot for CBS. Liu is “Joan Watson”, the sober companion to Jonny Lee Miller’s Holmes who’s just come out of rehab. Needless to say, the purists are punching themselves in the face out of frustration.

Look, I’m ok with Watson being a girl, and an Asian one too. I mean, if that’s the shake-up, why not really shake it up, you know? But only if she and Holmes don’t hook up. And, well, this is American network television. They f-ck sh-t up all the time. Duana said something to me last night (in relation to another show) about how the audience wanted two characters to happen and the writers were being pressured.

“This is f-cking fans demanding sh-t they don't get to demand. This is the Internet of entitlement.”

Is that the legacy of Ross and Rachel?

And we haven’t even addressed all you Cumby fans out there raging with rage about how Cumby’s Sherlock is the best ever, ever, stamp it goddamn it, and how dare they introduce a new guy while Cumby’s version is thriving...?!??!!!

Here’s where I’ll make you roll your eyes...

It’s not that I’m not into the show. I think it’s an OK medium B+ show, totally. But I’ll never be fist pumpy hot and crazy about a show that doesn’t feature any strong female characters. Sorry.