Tonight is the Hollywood premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s a big f-cking deal. Not like they don’t normally close off streets etc but this time it’s extra extra. Like with bleachers etc so that the event more resembles the Oscars at Hollywood and Highland instead of a standard premiere. But this is not a standard premiere.

This is Star Wars. This is non-George Lucas Star Wars. Which, apparently, is (just) one of the reasons why people are so excited. Because even though he created it, he also f-cked up a lot of it afterwards. I was telling someone this weekend that Jacek and I will be marathon-ing epsidoes IV, V, and VI ahead of going to see The Force Awakens in a few days and ended up being lectured about how the originals are hard to find and I’m like what are you talking about “originals”. The answer has something to do with changing the Cantina scene when Han Solo shoots Greedo first – which is what we saw back in 1977. Only George Lucas ended up changing it so that Greedo shoots first. And the nerds got mad. Like apparently it’s a thing that people have cried themselves to sleep over. I can’t believe I sat through 15 minutes of that conversation on a Saturday night. That said, when I was told, after these nerds were finished telling me about the Cantina controversy, that Hayden Christensen’s hologram had been inserted at the end of Return Of The Jedi when all the ewoks are partying, I will admit to feeling annoyed. Not so annoyed though that I want to hear more about this, although I’m sure Sarah’s writing me a 10,000 word essay right now.

Anyway, the point is there is a LOT of emotion going into tonight and this week. Last Friday we had Anthony Daniels on The Social. He’s C-3PO. A couple of people in the audience started crying. Even Kevin O’Leary turned into a fangirl and came out before his own segment to ask for a photo of them together. Anthony, by the way, is AWESOME. First of all, it’s ANT-ONY. Like the way Gwyneth pronounced it when she presented to Anthony Hopkins at the Golden Globes so many years ago and you all called her pretentious. That’s his name, OK? Second, he’s hilarious and started redecorating the minute he arrived on set, asking our floor director to remove the centrepiece from the coffee table so he could put C-3PO on there instead. He walks around with one constantly! Anthony will be there tonight. As will Lupita Nyong’o who arrived in LA yesterday wearing the t-shirt like anyone needs to be reminded.

I want one though.