More new photos of Macaulay Culkin with his new girlfriend, now identified as Jordan Lane Price. They’re in Paris, in love, and he looks so, so, SO happy. Also…hot, right? Mac is giving me a Thom Yorke vibe right now. I’m into it.

As for Jordan Lane Price – she’s a soap opera actress, on All My Children.

You know who else started on soaps? Mila Kunis. His ex-wife Rachel Miner too. She was on Guiding Light. It’s kind of an interesting pattern, non?

In addition to being on All My Children, Jordan auditioned for The X-Factor very recently as part of an aspiring girl band called Drama Drama. The clip is below. You know who also auditioned for a singing competition back in the day? Emma Stone, who dated Mac’s brother Kieran Culkin for years. Weird, right?