You will likely never see a true Chinese person wearing a green hat. And when my people see someone wearing a green hat, we feel remorse. Sometimes, if we"re in a particularly mean mood, we might even have a chuckle at the poor soul"s expense. Because there is an old Chinese expression that says that when a person wears a green hat, they are being cheated on. They are being chumped. They are being totally betrayed…and unfortunately they are the only ones not in on the secret. So when I saw this Madonna photo today - via Dlisted - my heart instantly ached for my favourite pop icon. Rumours are indeed swirling in London on the status of the Ritchie union. And it has nothing to do with the stories printed in the last few days about her friends and family being concerned over her weight and her health. That"s total rubbish. Focus instead on whispers that Madge and Guy have barely spent any time together in months. Some say what was once frustration on his part has now turned to indifference. And this lack of interest is inspiring him to find distraction in a variety of other activities that she probably wouldn"t approve of. Is it true? I honestly have no idea. But if the hat is any indication, I"d say Mrs. Ritchie probably needs to tighten up that leash.