This is what it looks like.

Madonna turned 51 yesterday, celebrated at a dinner party in Portofino seated beside her petting toy Jesus Luz. In the soft candlelight, and having chilled out a little on the face work, Madge easily, from this blurry pap distance, looks 10 years younger.

Does Jesus ever smile?

For some reason this sentence made me laugh. Must be delirious from fatigue.

Anyway, as you can see, she can see that she’s being watched, and while she was being watched, she and Jesus shared a few affectionate moments, and she fussed over him to make sure every hair was in place. I often do this with my gay Darren too. Tenderly. Sometimes he can be delicate. Jesus seems delicate.

Madge’s children were there as well – Lourdes’s dress, as usual, is gorgeous. And Rocco had his shirt untucked soon after the cake was brought out. Madge is less strict with him than she is with Jesus.

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