This was released on SnapChat today so I don’t know how long it’ll be before this video gets taken down. I suggest you watch it right away…

It’s new Madonna. The song is Living For Love. Not the worst recent song we’ve heard from her. But you know Madonna. And if it’s one thing Madonna knows, it’s a music video.

My friend Iain, who is the biggest Madonna fan I know, thinks it could be her best video in 20 years. It is indeed worth your time. Come on. Isn’t the Papa Don’t Preach throwback step at 0:57 enough to make it worth it? She appears to be throwbacking herself a few times here. There’s a little La Isla Bonita in this too. And does something in the lighting at times remind you of Open Your Heart? Or am I stretching…?

It’s not a stretch though to say that there’s all kinds of Maleficent going on though, non?

Too bad she had to ruin it all by rolling our eyes back with a Nietzsche quote at the end.

Madonna will be at the Grammys on Sunday. If she wants to say hi to Beyonce and Beyonce’s with Gwyneth… how will that work out?

You can watch the video here.