For the theme of this year’s MET Gala, Zac Posen’s designs were particularly apt. Balls gowns. Awesomely big ball gowns. Not necessarily my flavour but for the occasion, these were totally perfect. You really can’t hate.

Especially not Maggie Q in a dramatic full skirt that seems to detach at the waist. And she wears it so regally with perfect posture. Now wouldn’t you like to see Princess Catherine try out something like this for a change?

Liu Wen’s green dress is pretty crazy too. I quite like the Vivienne Westwood rip-off bust-line here and the view from the back is beautiful.

Nothing is more visually arresting than the bottom of Dita Von Teese’s though. Like I said, this is not my jam, personally, but I can appreciate all of it for the occasion. It’s a good balance between traditional fancy and modern flair. Solid fashion porn. I quite enjoy Posen taking the Dracula approach too.