They released the poster yesterday.

And, well, I mean it’s about as subtle as a dick nudging you in the face.

Channing Tatum is going to come, OK?

Goddamn. Me too.

Like, I was never into Magic Mike the first time. But…it’s this song…

In the teaser trailer that’s now blowing up on Twitter. That’s the magic song that does it to me every time. And I was just talking about this song, Ginuwine’s Pony, on The Social a few weeks ago. We were discussing MTFT – Music To F-ck To. And I specifically singled out this one…

I called it the song that brings out my “dirty sex face”, the one you put on when you’re just grinding because it’s so good it hurts, you know that face?

That’s the song that’s playing when Channing Tatum keeps thrusting…with sparks flying out of his groin.

That move when he kicks up off the chair?

That cocky ass face he makes at the 56 second mark with his chin tilted up while he’s making it rain?


That’s when you know they know it’s funny. Hilarious. RIDICULOUS. Which is what I think was lacking the first time. That “Boy Next Door” element of … OK, this is pure sh-ts and giggles, instead of “there’s some depth here that you need to appreciate”.

No! No one wants depth!

We just want to come and jump on it.