Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are engaged. Her rep has confirmed the news after Mandy was spotted with a ring.

You’ll recall, last July the two broke up because Ryan was too weak to deal with the paps. Then he wrote a letter to the tabloids explaining his decision to dump his adorable girlfriend, citing the need to remain “punk as f-ck” as the primary motivation behind leaving her:

"Mandy is one of those genuinely sweet angelic people you wish to meet your whole life. I am grateful for our friendship and how it allowed us both to grow and learn more. Unfortunately I am allergic to paparazzi and have found the best antidote to that sort of nonsense is staying behind the guitar and typewriter, staying close to my support group of friends and band mates and not engaging in activities that prevent me from taking care of myself or others. I found the entire speculation and subsequent photographs and intrusions terrifying and only wish to live as normal a life as possible, so that I might always remain punk as f*ck AND sober.”

Ryan quickly recognised his own dumbassness however because only a month later, this was found posted on a secret corner of his website:

Top 10 Ways to be a Gentlemen

1. shut up and listen to her
2. stand by her, don't run
3. say you are sorry while you have the chance
4. hold her hand, be thankful for her, ignore the cameras, and lose yourself in the girl not the game
5. repeat

don't be a fool, stand by your girl

I miss you bug


Needless to say, he won her back.

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