Coming off a disappointing opening-night film with The Bronze, Sundance rebounded over the weekend with Craig Zobel's Z for Zachariah, the end-of-the-world love triangle movie. Starring Chris Pine, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Margot Robbie, the film has been getting great reviews.  It was on my watch list, given the combination of an on-the-rise cast and Zobel, who has had previous success at Sundance.

Margot Robbie is generating the most buzz for her performance as the presumed last woman on Earth. Some are calling this her star-making turn, though that phrase is horribly outdated. We're several years post-movie star, so really this is her "proving she's more than just the hot chick from Wolf of Wall Street" moment. And let's be real, her upcoming role as Harley Quinn has a lot more fame-potential than an artsy flick about a love triangle, no matter how good it is. But everything's coming up roses for Robbie right now.

Things are also going well for Ejiofor. Though he's not appearing in the new Bond movie after all, he is reportedly being courted by Marvel for a role, any f*cking role. This is what they do when they really like someone—they keep circling back until they find something that fits (see also: Bruhl, Daniel and Cumberbatch, Benedict). Meanwhile, things are just medium-good for Pine. Into the Woods is doing okay, and Star Trek 3 is happening, though with a new writer and director. So they're rebooting the reboot, I guess. But the clear winner is Robbie, who dyed her hair and is being rewarded with Real Actress accolades. (Lainey: also a hook-up with Alexander Skarsgard – see previous post here.)