Season finale of American Idol last night. Both Mimi and JLo performed.

Mimi threw down a medley of her greatest hits -- I always forget how much I love We Belong Together -- culminating in her current smash #Beautiful. It was... a little lip-synchy, right? Maybe not the middle section but definitely off the top and towards the end?

Voices don’t hold up forever. And while Mimi tries her best to forget that she’s well into her 40s, the fact is she’s been working that instrument for 25 years. There’s been some wear and tear. A few years ago, I heard from a recording artist that Mimi further strained her vocal chords by smoking. Rumour has it, she’s was like Jackie O in that she used to hide her habit obsessively.

More importantly though, did Mimi stay seated during JLO’s standing ovation? She did. At least at the beginning when cameras were shooting the judging panel straight on. Mimi seemed preoccupied with all the streamers that came down from the sky. Reminded of me of that Lawrence Welk sketch on Saturday Night Live with Kristen Wiig as the sister with the freakishly small hands clapping at the bubbles.

When the cameras moved to the stage view however, Mimi was indeed standing. So I’m not sure it was as meangirly as we want it to be.

I wouldn’t blame her though if she did in fact not stand for JLO. Because JLO was SH-T. First of all the outfit. So low rent. And then the moves. Those were Slum Moves. Casper Bear is responsible now for all the choreography, remember? Which is why the routine was so messy. And worse still, SHE looked messy. Her steps were far from clean. Her backup dancers were hitting the poses way sharper than she was. Maybe we’ve all been conditioned to Beyonce’s level of excellence, because seeing JLO last night trying to keep up, it was full on fontrum.

So...should we call it a draw?