A few weeks ago, I shared my thoughts on adults at Disneyland. And some of you yelled at me. Last night at Disneyland, Mimi married Nick Cannon again. They marry each other every year on their anniversary. Last year, they did it in Paris -- click here for a refresher. Every year, they share it with us. Or SHE shares it with us. And we are so grateful.


I mean...

I could do this all day. Just watching. Watching her personal GIFs. Seeing her pull up in a horse drawn ROUND CARRIAGE.

Fronting like she’s nervous, like she’s about to walk down the aisle for the first time:

Passing on her bridal attitude to her daughter:

Allowing her children to dominate the camera, but only for a few seconds. Dembabies are SO cute:

Showing you the benefits of having a personal lighting technician around at ALL TIMES:

Mimi and Nick have now been married longer than Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.