Please! Let it be January! And let them edit this the way we all want to see it -- f-ck the appearance of being nice and diplomatic. I mean, this is why our Mimi was asked to be a judge, right? Not because she’s particularly interested in finding a new superstar but because she’s only interested in us paying attention to the ONLY superstar worth mentioning: HER, of course.

But then they made her share the judges’ panel with another female artist.

It was confirmed this weekend that Mimi would be joined by Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban on the show, with Randy Jackson returning in the anchor position. Auditions are now underway in New York. Already Mimi and Minaj are throwing down. According to TMZ Mimi keeps cutting Nicki off, prompting Nicki to try and talk louder and OVER her.


No one overtalks our Mimi! (But OMG I can’t wait to see her try.)

Also, how will Keith Urban make it through an entire season stuck between those two? Look at him. I worry for him. But I also appreciate that they put Mimi in an outside position. It’s easier this way to wheel her in and out, right? Like if they have to forklift her into her seat, they only have to worry about one side. And this way it’s faster for her bodyguard to reach her, and pick her up in his arms, if and when she wants to storm out.

Here are Minaj, Urban, and Jackson arriving for day 2 of auditions this morning. I love this description from the photo agency:

“American Idol judges Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, and Randy Jackson arrived for the taping of the New York auditions at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Mariah Carey did not choose to walk in as the others did.”