Four years ago today, Mimi married Nick Cannon. As you know, Mimi spent the weekend in Paris where she gave photographers and fans an hour notice before showing up anywhere, just to make sure there was the appropriate amount of crowd swell worthy of her presence. I once heard about a party she was supposed to attend where her car pulled up and the mob wasn't thick enough to satisfy her so she made the driver circle for several minutes until they were able to gather the right amount of gawkers to satisfy her. How do you become the person who no longer feels any way about having those words come out of your mouth?

On Sunday Mimi and the entourage packed up for Austria which is where she's spending her anniversary proper, singing at some ski resort. Think about how expensive it is when you go on a modest family holiday. Now think about how much pricier that becomes if you have to travel by Mimi's standards. Then, on top of that, consider that she and Nick don't travel alone. There are nannies now and hair and makeup people and dressers and handholders and bodyguards and butterfly keepers and Mimi goes nowhere without them. The goal then is to get someone else to pay for all of it. When you deal with Mimi, you deal with all the sh-t she comes with. You can imagine then the cost that would have been negotiated for Mimi to appear at this gig, and on her wedding anniversary no less? That probably resulted in a 10% markup, at least.

Is it worth it to see Mimi up on stage in her cute little ski jacket and her optical illusion ski pants? How many times did she remind the audience that she was doing this on her wedding anniversary, so be grateful? I really am.