How many people were fired because of this? And they should be!

Our Mimi, God help us, she is INJURED!!!!!!!!!!

Page Six reported yesterday that while shooting a video for the #Beautiful remix on Sunday night, Mimi “tripped and fell while dancing and singing in her trademark high heels”.

Well of course she did.

Who the F-CK was stupid enough to stand around by herself without holding her up?

THIS is what happens! She topples over and dislocates her shoulder!

First of all, how many goddamn videos does one song need?

And second, you remember when Mimi pushed out dembabies and all she could for months and months afterwards was moan and groan about the sacrifice she made for those children? The ordeal she went through having to carry them around?


The next time Mimi’s pimping out her tricked out butterflies on the Home Shopping Network, this is what we’ll be hearing. It’ll be as tragic as any tragedy that ever was.

Mimi’s supposed to perform on Saturday in Central Park. They’re saying she’ll go ahead with it but her arm will be in a (rhinestoned) sling. And, hopefully, in a wheelchair. For Christ sake, at this point, why take the risk ever again?